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About Site and Sales

About Site and Sales

Why should you register as member?

MARENGO is giving the everyday increasing costs of business travels and your valuable time back to you. You will not lose time and money for your business travels from then on. Make your deal from your home or office just in a few minutes and save!  

How can you register as member ?

It will be sufficient to full in the form on our membership page. After your information is checked you will receive an e-mail related with the activation of your membership not more than within 24 hours.

Accuracy of Membership and Personal Details !

The accuracy of the membership information you have provided is of great importance for our relationship. Please completely and correctly fill in the membership form to avoid any mistake during your dealings with us or during your membership process.  

Reason of inability to view any product without membership?

You should be register for membership in order to inspect the products on MARENGO in detail and to purchase them. Only you, our valuable and special customers who are accepted as members can see and purchase our final designs and collections.  

Protect your password!

All products on MARENGO are protected against copying. When it is detected that one of our members are misusing his/her accessing authorizations, his/her membership is deleted. Therefore do not share your user name and password with anyone.  

Update your personal information !

In case of any change with your personal or business information (for instance, contact address, telephone, e-mail, etc) you can update such information through a few simple steps in your membership account. You information kept updated will enable us to contact you and you will benefit from our special campaigns. Please contact usin case of any questions or troubles with membership process.

I forgot my password!

If you forgot your password, simply click on “I forgot my password” and enter your e-mail address. Your password will be send to your e-mail as soon as possible.

I forgot my registered e-mail address !

If you forgot your registered e-mail address, you may contact with our customer representatives via phone and ask for help or you may register for a new membership.

Membership from Turkey !

Our MARENGO electronic commerce site is providing the services to foreign customers as well as to domestic customers. Therefore we are approving your membership applications from Turkey too.

Please notify your complaints and problems to us.

You may notify your possible complaints and wishes to us by contacting our representatives from our contact numbers or through our customer representatives’ page. 

Are there any top or lowest limits to place orders?

You may place orders in numbers you need from MARENGO in parallel with available stocks. Minimum amount of the product you can buy from our site is one serial and maximum amount is the stock amount. You should contact to our representatives for higher number of orders for custom made product orders.

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