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Our factory established in East Europe , location is just 150 km. away from Istanbul and its so close to Turkey-Bulgaria border gate. Why many european company prefer our factory , tracks can pass european border just in 1 hour after they move from our factory. You can minimize your risk with a quick service factory which is most closed to european border gate. For european companies after finish production , transport time between 1 or 2 days , with quick traks as with in 24 hours, this is the quickest for europe market .


Factory established 40.000 m2 land  and it has 15.000 m2  closed manufacturing area , all machinery equepment built with German and Japan Engineering Companies and the latest technology about suiting. Under the manufacturing area 600 people are working to manufacture the best and qualitiest suit , jacket and trousers. %70 of workers over 30 year-old and they are professionals on their job. Daily capacity of the factory in max. 2.500 suits , 2.500 jackets , 3.000 trousers-chinos , min. 1.000 suits , 1.000 jackets , 1.5000 trousers-chinos.

The factory is manufacturing and exporting for more than 90 county and 175 city . On of the important countries which we are exporting ; United Kingdom,Germany,France,Greece,Morocco,Algeria,Tunusia,Nigeria,Congo,Egypt,Romania,Croatia etc. On the other hand factory is manufacturing for world wide brands as well .

When you contact with us you can buy on stock of couse , but if you are looking for a factory to create your brand or want to produce for your brand , you found a right solutions on this page. We are producing more than one collection each season and customers can choose on our collection to produce under their brand , also factory can produce customers’ design as well. You ll have many choice when you ll contact with us about manufacturing.

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